Hardscaping Can Improve The Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Living Area

Hardscaping Can Improve The Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Living Area

Spring will soon be here and Charleston homeowners are dreaming of taking pleasure in the sun’s rays by spending more time in their backyards while enduring the next few cold winter months. You may be already planning those summer BBQs and backyard parties. The season of family-fun and friendly get-togethers are just around the corner. This is a good time to make sure your outdoor space is as stunning and efficient as you want it to be. In this short article, discover how hardscape can enhance both the efficiency and visual appeals of your outdoor space.

Exactly what is hardscape? And how can it improve your Charleston yard?

Two valid concerns. Hardscape or “hardscaping” is an essential ingredient of landscape design. Instead of describing the growing elements of the lawn such as the flower beds, grass and shrubs, hardscape refers to the inanimate components of landscaping. These components can be decks and patio areas; fences and walls; paving stones and concrete; even a swimming pool or medical spa becomes part of the hardscape. Partially, this is due to the nature of the materials used to build these products. However, it is also due to the fact that preparation of the ground to ensure appropriate drainage is so important.

Stone walls, paved pathways, tiled paths, wooden decks and outdoor patios are all considered to be part of the hardscape. Actually any elements utilized in landscaping that is not a part of the softscape (such as plants, trees and flowers) can all be considered to be hardscape components. By this definition garden designs such as water fountains are considered hardscape.

Hardscape Improves Upkeep and The Look and Feel of Your Outdoor Space

Simply including a tiled path to your home’s garden can develop a completely different look of your general landscape. Sometimes, adding hardscape to your yard can in fact decrease the upkeep of your yard. For instance, add a beautiful paving stone patio area and you have increased your outside area, while decreased energy spent on lawn care.

Beyond remedying water damage problems and minimizing lawn maintenance, hardscapes develop architectural support for the design and layout of your yard. When preparing your outside area for entertaining and family relaxation, give careful consideration to the hardscape. Think about the activities you presently enjoy-as well as the functions that will add to those activities. Keep in mind, the non-living aspects of your landscape do not all have to have practical applications. Although a pergola or arbor frequently has a purpose, sculpture and other art help set the state of mind, as they do indoors. The best landscape design will integrate hardscape components to make the outdoors part of the living location of your house.

Now is the time to give Porter Hayes Landscaping a call to start the design phase of your new outdoor living area. Our experts will help with designing the area around your pool, patio or deck. Get ready to enjoy all that summer has to offer in beautiful Charleston.

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Universal Appeal of Concrete Hardscape Edging

Universal Appeal of Concrete Hardscape Edging

Hardscape Edging CharlestonConcrete landscape edging is used to specify paths edges, flower bed borders, and for foliage control. It also supplies practical beauty to a landscape. This type of landscaping is referred to as hardscaping and is very popular in Charleston SC.

Concrete landscape edging is mostly used along driveways to prevent foliage, gravel, and soil to get all over it, particularly when there is heavy rain. In the garden, it is utilized to specify and improve garden areas, keep gravel and soil in garden beds, and to effectively evacuate water without draining away the soil. When used along asphalt, it keeps the asphalt from wearing down. The sloping border of concrete hardscape edging prevents soil and mulch from washing over the marked area, and is specifically practical along slopes.

Charleston hardscaping can be used both for domestic and industrial uses. Its appeal is further improved given that this edging can follow any curves, lines, and designs of landscaping. When it is laid directly and level, it can be utilized as a guide for pavers.

Offered in a variety of styles  and colors, concrete landscape edging can fit any requirement of landscaping structure. Styles are available as stamped borders with edge designs, or in timeless designs like single basket weave, brick, double brick, and so on. Sometimes, it can even be custom colored. Some Charleston landscapers mix the color in the concrete itself prior to being laid, hence offering uniformity of tone in the entire product. Others use shading to plain concrete edging, and complete it with a sealant. Usage of contrasting colors can further develop impact and visual effect.

Once set up, there is no need to replace concrete hardscape edging. With appropriate care, it can last forever. It is also sturdy because cracking control joints are placed at every 12-18 inches along the edging to permit motion. Installation is generally a one to two day process.

Another advantage of concrete edging is that it enables trimming around, which conserves time invested in weeding around landscaped areas. Some edging can be fitted with edge lighting utilizing low voltage to make it visible in the evening also.

Spring will be here before you know it! Give us a call to discuss your hardscaping ideas for your Charleston home.

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Charleston SC Landscaping : Patio Services

Why Adding a Patio Can Give You Extra Space

If you have a home where your kitchen is facing the back of the house and you have sliding doors to the backyard, then you are in an optimal position for adding a patio to give you extra space.

A patio does not have to be elaborate or state-of-the-art if your main concern is simply to add extra space. Porter Hayes Landscaping can assist with the design and implementation of your Charleston Patio.

How a Patio Can Add Extra Space

Adding a patio to your Charleston home can give you extra space so that you now have an extension off your house and extra space for you to entertain and barbeque.

A patio is a great space to keep your guests out of the kitchen and into the sunshine while you prepare a meal. Guests love to mingle on a patio or deck. It has a great feel under their feet and everyone loves to sit outside on a beautiful day. Guests will gravitate to your patio and be less likely to hang out in the kitchen – which seems to be the most popular thing to do these days.

Not only will you have extra space in your kitchen with your guests out on the deck or patio, you will also have created the perfect outdoor “man cave.” Most men love to talk over the barbeque, and making a patio is the perfect designated area for the coveted barbeque.

Patios are also great spaces to hold book club meetings in nice weather or to have some girlfriends over for a light lunch. This leaves the clean-up mostly to outside, especially if you are using paper and plastic. A couple of trips to the outdoor garbage can and your clean-up is quick and easy.

There will always be less traffic in your kitchen, creating more space both indoors and out when you entertain on your patio.

Storage Space and Your New Charleston Patio

Believe it or not, you can create useful storage space out on your Charleston patio that you did not have before in the way of deck storage for cushions. You can even custom build benches that have storage built inside them and store all of your summer items in those benches. This frees up your shed and garage for important items such as the snow blower and lawnmower.

Adding a patio to the back of your house and incorporating wooden benches for storage is a great space saver for both the inside and outside of your home.

You can even store your garden hose, watering can, and planters in deck storage containers and secure them away until next summer. There are endless possibilities for patios and deck storage that can free up extra space in your garage, basement, and shed until next summer.

Think about creating a beautiful Charleston SC patio from brick, stones and pavers. You will have a beautiful outdoor entertainment area you can be proud of. Adding a patio frees up and adds extra space to your home in many ways.

Call Porter Hayes Landscaping today for a professional estimate on a great new addition to your home.

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Does Your Roof Need Repair? Take a Look at This Guide!

Your residence’s roof covering is something you need to be informed on. If you don’t make a great choice when it comes the Florence roofing contractor you hire or the materials you make use of, it could be an expensive error. Your roof is the part of your home that secures you and your household. Keep reading to gain even more understanding on just what you should know about roof repair.

Make sure that your grass is cut before the project begins. This will ensure he can find any dropped nails easily. Even better, a magnetized nail finder will work at its optimum in short grass.

Before you sign on the line with a Florence roofing contractor, ask these few questions. One important question to ask is the quantity of nails they will put in each shingle. Typically, you would want more than three. Ask about their personal techniques and you just might get a good answer. If you don’t like what they say, choose someone else.

When you have come up with a short list of possible contractors, check with each with regard to their warranties. You’re seeking out a warranty that will last you for at least 3 to 5 years. The longer it lasts, the better it is. It needs to cover poor workmanship and defective supplies, and you should have copies of all the manufacturer warranties, too.

If you’re going to hire someone to work on your roof repair for you they need to have up to date credentials. Generally, any roofer you hire will need to have a current and valid license. They need to also have insurance that is full liability, as well as a certificate that’s current and covers workers’ compensation.

Look for a contractor like Florence Roofing Pros that has a team of installers as opposed to an individual. A group of roofers are able to finish jobs quickly and that can end up costing you a lot less. If you have one doing it alone, be sure they’re not overcharging for labor.

When deciding on a contractor to work on your roof, always ask how long that company has been in business. Contractors who have a long work history are more likely to provide excellent service. Someone who is a new contractor can be scamming you and take your money.

If you think your roof has a leak, bring a hose with you and spray the roof down. Doing so will help you figure out if you have a leak and if you do, where it is coming from. It is a much cheaper alternative to hiring a professional.

Do not try to save money when it comes to quality roofing materials for your home. The cheapest supplies aren’t necessarily the best option as they can end up costing you more money down the road.

Are you now more comfortable about the subject of roofing? You should be, and now you can tackle any roofing project you may have. Hire help if you need it, or do the job yourself if you can. Use these tips to get the plans rolling.

Call Florence Roofing Pros today for a free roof inspection.

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Quality Roofing In The Florence, SC Area!

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Charleston SC Landscaping : Irrigation

Lawn irrigation systems are going green. Besides simply helping to keep your yard a deep dark shade of emerald, automatic lawn watering systems (as professional landscapers call them) use unique environmentally friendly functions to save water. This is great news for Charleston homeowners who are tired of hassling with a manually run sprinkler … or even worse, a water hose, to supply their turf with the water it needs. Even the common pop-up sprinkler systems are now being replaced by programmable versions for more effective water use.

Before Installing a Lawn Irrigation System

Consider your lawn. An automatic sprinkler system is finest suited for a medium to big area, with sufficient drain. If your soil is compacted or high in clay, you might wish to customize it or utilize another method of watering.

Consider your spending plan. Take a look at the total cost of any watering system you are thinking about. Consider the preliminary purchase price consisting of design, devices, and installation. Then include water usage plus the cost to keep and repair the irrigation system for a more accurate image.

Consider your local regulations. You are most likely to need an authorization prior to you begin digging in preparation for the sprinkler system install. You will absolutely have to learn whether there are any power line or gas lines buried in the location where you want to set up the system– get in touch with a one-call center to learn. In addition, have a look at any water limitations in your area and ensure that your system will adhere.

Programmable Sprinkler Systems

Just as programmable smart house systems has been developed for the inside, there are now clever lawn system also. You can buy an smart sprinkler system that may be configured to turn the circulation on and off at the specific times you select, in order to enhance water usage.

Your lawn irrigation system must consist of a rain sensing unit shut-off switch that overrides the timer, so that it doesn’t operate when it is required the least … in the middle of a cloudburst. Some states have passed legislation making this a compulsory feature. To save water even more, the sprinkler system can also be fitted with a soil moisture sensing unit.

Another kind of programmable lawn sprinkler can be set to spray just within your lawn’s precise specifications, minimizing water wastage through over-spray onto pavements or other unnecessary locations. It is even efficient in watering around corners.

And what about the issue of differing quantities of sun? A section of your lawn that is exposed to strong daylight for lots of hours a day will obviously need more water than an area in deep shade. You can program your sprinkler system to supply a shorter watering time to the shaded part.

Use Water Sensibly

Set up your system to water between 5 and 10 AM. This will enable the moisture to soak into your lawn. Watering during the heat of the day, that is, in late early morning or afternoon, will trigger ineffective use of water due to more powerful winds and a faster evaporation rate. Watering in the evening is likewise unfavorable due to the fact that the water will be taken in too gradually, possibly leading to molds and plant illness.

Examine the lawn sprinkler system occasionally to make sure it is directed properly and has not end up being clogged up. Adjust the settings as the seasons change and with them, your yard’s requirements.

Porter Hayes Landscaping provides irrigation systems for Charleston homeowners and surrounding areas. Call us today for a free consultation.

We offer a full, one year warranty on all Charleston SC irrigation installations.

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The best ways to Take Care of Your Myrtle Beach Roof in Winter

roofing system Myrtle BeachWith the winter beginning to loosen its freezing grasp, it might seem to be a weird time to be going over winter season roofing system care. Even in Myrtle Beach we can have some serious weather which can cause damage to your roof. The fact is there is perhaps no better time to establish a winter roofing system upkeep plan – one that just may save you a great deal of money and irritation the next time winter season raises its unsightly head.

Regardless whether your house or business has a flat or sloped roofing, it’s important to understand where and how things like snow, ice, and extreme temperature levels can compromise the stability of your roofing.

Be Proactive

The secret to maintaining your roof’s stability throughout the winter months is carefully tied to how well you understand your roofing system. Which areas of your roof have generally been problem areas? Have you discovered any leaking that has to be attended to before the very first ice storm or snowfall? If your house has an aged roof or you’d just prefer to have a little bit of comfort, it would not hurt to have a Myrtle Beach roofing contractor examine your roofing for any concerns. If you cannot pay for an expert to examine your roofing system’s condition, get a ladder and perform your own initial visual inspection; if you see things like cracked shingles or a jeopardized seal around a chimney or skylight, you can then feel warranted in hiring a roofing professional.

Keep Your Gutters Clean and Clear at All Times

Part of being proactive is regular eaves trough upkeep. Not only does removing debris from your seamless gutters prevent ice dams throughout the winter, it assists to avoid overflow during periods of heavy rain. If rain gutters overflow, water can collect and find its way below the shingles where it can then continue to rot the wood– considerably shortening the lifespan of any roofing.

Assess Your Insulation Situation

Another method you can proactively protect your roof is to inspect your attic insulation– if inadequate, too much heat will get away causing the collected snow to thaw and freeze consistently into a layer of ice. Over time the ice will thicken; restraining the circulation of water to the rain gutter, which can result in water permeating your roofing system.

Other things you can visually check to identify the health of your roofing system:

  • – Check the roofing line and make sure it is straight (no bowing or drooping).
  • – Look for any missing pieces of brick or mortar on the chimney (if appropriate).
  • – Check for missing or broken tiles.
  • – Try to find dark areas on your ceiling– these might show leaks or areas of weakness that have to be dealt with.
  • – Early visual evaluations will go a long way to making sure your roofing has an uneventful winter season, but that doesn’t imply you don’t need to be alert once the flakes start to fall.

Dealing with Generous Quantities of Snow

In Myrtle Beach we generally don’t have a lot of snow but we are susceptible to freezing rain. You might need to get rid of accumulated ice from your roof or threat having it collapse (this is far more likely to happen in roofing systems that are more than a couple of years old). If you’ll be the one removing the snow, make sure that you have the right tools for the task and that you work out a sensible amount of care prior to undertaking this task. You may be lured to utilize your ordinary lawn rake to remove the ice however be warned, using a tool that is comprised of rigid metal teeth means you run the risk of destructive shingles with every stroke.

Roofing rakes are extendible, light-weight rakes that enable you to safely eliminate the ice or snow from your roof without much effort. Furthermore, when you compare its cost to the prospective cost of fixing ice dam damage, roofing rakes represent a quite reasonable investment.

If you Have a Flat Roof

Flat roofs are designed to withstand the weight of ice and snow, but even then you might wish to have a professional clear off the snow if you are receiving an abundance. Just like a sloped roofing system, you will want to work with someone to visually inspect the condition of your roofing system (or perform the assessment yourself) before the weather condition returns.

Among the most essential things you can do for your flat roof in preparation for winter season is to remove all debris from the roofing itself (leaves, twigs and so on) and from the drain center. If the drain center ends up being blocked, there will be no other way to remove the water from your roof.

Finally, find a Myrtle Beach roofing contractor that you more than happy with. Call and get quotes from a variety of roofers in your area to learn what they charge for different tasks like snow or ice elimination. It doesn’t hurt to know ahead of time how much these services will cost, and doing so can help you budget plan for them if the need arises.

MB Roofing Pros can help you with roof repairs and roof replacement. Call us today for a free roof inspection.

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Experiencing Issues With Your Roofing system? Try These Suggestions!

Like most Florence homeowners, you may not stress much about your roof. However, considering the importance of the roofing system to any home, you need to take note. This article assists you learn all you have to understand about roofing.

Rubber boots need to be worn when working on the roof. Even if the weather condition is dry, you still need to use these. You never understand exactly what you will experience on the roof, and what you will need to do, so excellent footwear is important.

When you locate a local roofing contractor, make certain they are covered by liability insurance coverage. This is a great sign of the dependability of the contractor. Second of all, if an employee sustains injury on the task, the roofer’s insurance will cover medical expenses.

Never ever pay the whole expense upfront before the job is finished. A 25% deposit is normal, but you should not pay anything over that till the work is finished. Some specialists will not consider your roofing system as a concern anymore as soon as you pay the full amount.

When you have your prospective contractors list whittled down, ask each what sort of warranties they supply. The longer the warranty the better. Make sure the warranty covers both materials and workmanship. The Florence roofing contractor should be able to supply you with a copy of the warranty before starting work on the roof.

Any roofer you are thinking about employing must have full and up to date qualifications. Almost every area needs roofing contractors to be accredited, so inspect to make sure their license is current and valid. You should also check that they maintain a policy for full liability insurance coverage, along with employee coverage.

Spray your roof with a garden hose to test it out. This will let you know if you have a leak and where the leak is. It is a much cheaper alternative to hiring a professional.

Hire only roof specialists able to show proof of insurance coverage and needed licenses. If they can’t, don’t employ them. The reason is that if they do a poor job in their workmanship, it could cause thousands of dollars of damages to your home, and you will be left with no recourse.

Don’t purchase low-cost roofing products. Even if you discover more affordable rates, you must consider what you could wind up paying if your roofing wears out earlier.

Don’t pay completely prior to roof work has actually started. A typical scam is to gather your cash in advance, then disregard doing any real work. Pay a part upfront and then the rest later on.

Ask your professional which industry associations the business is a part of. Great specialists keep current with the latest trends and technology in their industry. When they’re not a member of any, do not hire them.

As said previously, many property owners know little about roofing. Nevertheless, you should make sure that you understand a little bit about roofing so that you have the ability to avoid costly issues. It is essential in keeping you and your family safe and safe and secure.

Call Florence Roofing Experts today for a free roof inspection. We can determine what roof repairs are needed and give you a firm estimate.

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Charleston SC Landscaping : Hardscape Services

Planning your garden, a pool addition or a new patio? Always remember to prepare for the hardscape surrounding your new backyard addition as well. Hardscape is the inorganic part of the new addition to your lawn, such as pavers, walkways and pergolas. Any hardscaping must be thoroughly planned to integrate with your Charleston home exterior and your existing landscaping and plants. Develop a flow by integrating two or more hardscape features to turn your lawn into a truly wonderful place. Think of walking a rustic cobblestone course that leads to the surprise of a lovely gazebo or leaving your backyard swimming pool just in time to grill dinner on the adjacent patio.

Charleston Hardscape Design

In the past, hardscape has implied non-living outdoor decor made from either wood or  masonry. However, nowadays that meaning is broadening. Your home’s hardscaping components may be tile, concrete, brick, or cobblestone. You can let your imagination go when it comes to the materials you choose. Simply ensure that your choices mix harmoniously with the landscape, your house, and each other. Porter Hayes Landscaping recommend keeping your hardscape to a scale to fit your outdoor area  – don’t overwhelm a small yard area with a massive piece of lawn art, for example. Use varying heights, angles, soft curves as well as straight lines. Two or three collaborating colors and textures in your hardscape will be more enticing than a single one. Include plenty of plant life for both a natural appearance and a cooling effect.

Decide on the Purpose of Your Charleston Hardscape

Deciding on your objectives is an integral step in any well-crafted plan. What purpose do you have in mind for your hardscaping? Possibly you want to secure your rich green lawn from wear and tear or supply simple access to a flower or vegetable garden. An attractive walkway, based upon common foot traffic patterns, is one option. If you want to minimize yard care and watering, an outdoor patio will be exactly what you need. Always remember to prepare for a safe backyard if you have kids or grandkids. In a mild environment like Charleston, where you are able to enjoy your lawn for a big part of the year, an outside living room may be a dream that becomes a reality.

Preventative Measures

Prior to starting on a hardscaping project, make certain you get the necessary approval. Many jobs will need an authorization, as well as approval from your HOA (if applicable). You may need to consult with an architect or an engineer– for instance, if you wish to install a retaining wall or change the grade of your land. Plan for adequate drainage of substantial areas like swimming pools, and make certain that you’ll be including appropriately prepared bases. In addition, consider your home or business’s patterns of sun and shade so that you can make the most of the daylight. Lastly, decide whether you are ready to deal with the job yourself, perhaps with the assistance of among the Do It Yourself packages on the marketplace, or whether you ‘d choose to go with an expert hardscape installer like Porter Hayes Landscaping.

Hardscape Choices

Keeping all this information in mind, now you’re prepared for selecting the features to consist of in your hardscape job. A decorative path is most likely the very first idea that occur. How about using the exact same product to upgrade your driveway– especially if it is highly visible by visitors to your house? Next, you’ll probably need a location to sit. Construct some benches, or incorporate them into a good-looking stone wall, whether ornamental or structural. While you’re at it, add a patio table, fire pits have become very popular or add a fireplace for warming up on cold fall or spring evenings or a barbecue for entertaining. In reality, if you have the area, why not go for a whole outdoor kitchen? Contribute to the beauty of your backyard with planters to be filled with seasonal flowers, or set up an attractive rock garden or trellis. Functional Charleston hardscape components consist of arbors, water features, swings, birdbaths, and sundials.

Porter Hayes Landscaping provides hardscaping services to make your outdoor living area a reality. Call us today and share your ideas.

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Useful Hints For Keeping The Integrity Of Your Roof

Being a Florence homeowner comes with responsibilities. You need to do your own maintenance, and it can be difficult to weigh advantages and costs of hiring a professional or doing the work yourself. This short article has roof guidance that you will discover beneficial.

You should check your roof system carefully on an annual basis. The roof is especially susceptible throughout cold weather on in to the warmer spring season when we tend to have a lot of rain. So, be sure to inspect your roof during or after these problematic months. Another time to inspect your roof is after a storm like the one we just had with hurricane Matthew.

You should pick the materials for your roofing in relation to the weather. A roof made of clay is matched to dry climates as it assists cool the home. Nevertheless, if your environment is rainy, clay roofing systems can rapidly weaken. If you don’t know what product is best in your area, ask an expert. Clay roofs are not recommended for Florence homeowners.

Before you hire a specialist for your roofing needs, make certain you do your homework. Don’t just believe that you should employ the first individual that you find on the internet  or one that’s the most affordable. Instead, you must look into all the Florence roofing contractors that are in the area. Ask neighbors and friends for recommendations, look online, or check Florence Home Services for a local contractor.

When you pick a roofing contractor, ensure they bring liability insurance coverage. If he has this insurance coverage, there is a great chance he is trusted. Secondly, if a worker sustains injury on the job, the roofer’s insurance coverage will cover medical expenses.

Don’t use short-term solutions for your roof repairs. It might be more affordable for now, but it will get more expensive in the future. The very best rule to follow is to constantly fix the problem fully, and as quickly as you can, to avoid even worse problems later.

When wanting to work with a roofing contractor, make sure they are experienced in the trade. The best referral is anyone who has recently had work done on their roof. Ask them for a recommendation. This is important because you want to avoid poor roofing work that might be expensive in the future.

As you limit the field of possible roofing contractors to work with, make certain that you learn about each one’s guarantee offers. Many roofing professionals offer a guarantee on their work for approximately five years. The longer the service warranty you can get, the better. The service warranty has to cover malfunctioning materials and bad installation. You must receive a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty too.

Validate your professional’s qualifications prior to starting the job. Ensure your professional has a roofing license. You ought to likewise examine that they keep a policy for full liability insurance coverage, as well as workers compensation.

Request some references from potential roofing companies. A sincere company will be glad to supply you with referrals. If the roofer is reluctant, leave. This is generally a red flag that indicates difficulty later.

If you wish to repair your roof yourself or find a specialist to assist, the very first thing to do is carry out some research. You have already taken the initial step with this short article, however learning more about your choices better can also assist. Keep this info in mind as you move forward.

Give Florence Roofing Experts a call when you are ready to start your roofing project.

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Considering A Metal Roof?

It’s difficult to eliminate that barnyard image from your mind when you think about metal roofing systems. But, the truth is that today’s metal roofing is nothing like the metal barnyard roofing of yesterday. A metal roof is actually the leader in residential roof choices and is hands-down the best roof product out there. There is one, and only one, downside to metal roofing which has actually kept it back from acquiring popularity. The downside is the high initial purchase price and setup cost. For instance, metal roofing for the average size ranch style house in the Florence South Carolina area (let’s utilize a 1,400 square foot home as an example) could cost up to $15,000. That’s a lot for the typical Florence homeowner. While I am no financial advisor, I feel that I ought to provide some monetary advice to all those new roof applicants out there. My suggestion is: Do it! If you cannot pay that full price up front, then you should consider financing alternatives since in the end, as there is virtually no maintenance connected with metal roofing systems and they will last a minimum of 50 years. Top-notch metal roofs which are set up appropriately will last even longer.

If you are considering making a financial investment in your house by changing the roof, then opt for metal roofing considering that it will increase the value of your home. In reality, lots of estimate that a brand-new metal roofing system can increase your house’s worth by approximately 50%. That’s right – and in today’s housing market! Even in an excellent real estate market that is nearly unheard of!

Let’s explore the many advantages to metal roof:

No stripping required: Metal roofing systems can be set up over existing roofing systems such as asphalt shingled roofs. This saves labor costs on striping and removal and is also environmentally friendly, as the old roofing shingles will not be tossed into a garbage dump.

No noise: Homes that are roofed with metal do not experience any more noise than conventional asphalt shingled roofs. This is since the metal roof shingles are set up over an existing roofing system or over another support system.

Recycled material: Metal shingles are made of a minimum of 28% recycled scrap metal material. All metal roofing system shingles are recyclable.

Energy effective: Metal roofing remain cooler than other roof types, thus keeping your house cooler which indicates lower energy expenses for you! In reality, in really hot areas in the U.S., metal roofing systems are utilized to significantly decrease energy costs for cooling.

Tax credits: Because of their remarkable energy conserving capabilities, metal roofings are included in the Federal tax credits for home improvements. You can claim up to $1500 in tax credits for installing certified, energy star authorized metal roofs. Check out energystar.gov to find out more.

Insurance cost savings: The resilience and overall excellence of metal roofing has actually been acknowledged in the insurance coverage industry. As a result, property owners with metal roofing systems have actually experienced a reduction in the cost of their homeowner’s insurance coverage.

Warranty: Metal roofs constantly come with a 50 year (or more) service warranty.

Fire score: Metal roofs have the greatest fire score (Class A) as they are extremely resilient and non-combustible. Metal roofs provide one of the most security against fire of any roofing product.

No snow leakages: Snow is known for moving off metal roofs when temperature levels reach 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make certain to have your metal roof installed by a qualified Florence roofing professional who has plenty experience in dealing with metal roofing.

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